These Terms are necessary for the use of the portal OpinionArena

By registering as a User of the portal OpinionArena, you confirm that you have read the terms of this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"), agree to the Terms and Conditions and undertake to comply with the Terms and Conditions as set out below:

  1. Anyone who is at least 14 years old and who lives in Belarus can register as a member of the OpinionArena website. A person should only have an account to become a member.
  2. Member of Ooinion Arena undertakes to provide its correct personal information.
  3. The membership of Opinion Arena does not oblige the member to participate in surveys or fill in any surveys.
  4. Membership in the portal is free and valid until further notice. You can terminate membership by performing a specific procedure in the Opinion Arena portal.
  5. Opinion Arena can not guarantee its members participation in surveys since participants are randomly selected by all members and in some surveys not all members are appropriate due to social and demographic criteria.
  6. Clients of surveys in Opinion Arena receive the answers in an anonymous and generalized form and the answers can not be derived from specific individuals.
  7. Opinion Arena does not disclose personal information to any third party except in cases where it is necessary for the transfer of prizes.
  8. Members of Opinion Arena earn points and get them for completing surveys. Invitation to a survey contains information about how much time it takes to fill in the survey, how many points to earn and if the participants in the current survey also participate in a lottery.
  9. Members of Opinion Arena earn points and only get them for properly filled and completed questionnaires.
  10. Opinion Arena reserves the right to close a member's account and delete the collected points if the member has violated the terms and conditions of the User Agreement. For example, we close the account if the member has created multiple user accounts, entered incorrect information, or filled in questionnaires incoherently.
  11. Opinion Arena reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of this User Agreement. Changes will come into effect as they are communicated to the members of Opinion Arena. Members of Opinion Arena have the right to terminate their membership at any time unless they accept the terms and conditions of the User Agreement.